20th Century Café, from Range Pastry Chef Michelle Polzine, Coming to Hayes Valley

Photo: Loopnet

A new café is on its way to a retail space at the corner of Gough and Oak from Michelle Polzine, pastry chef at Range. It’s called The 20th Century Café, and it looks like it will have a food menu, beer and wine, and presumably some stylish, seasonal desserts from Polzine. While we’re still trying to scare up more details (including if or when Polzine might be departing Range), we’ll point you back to this glowing profile of Polzine by fellow pastry chef Emily Luchetti from last fall. In it, Polzine says her favorite ingredients are fruits. “They’re one of the reasons I moved to San Francisco. The variety and availability is amazing. I love all berries, dates, pomegranates, and stone fruit. Grapes and persimmons are wonderful to eat but there aren’t that many different ways to incorporate them into desserts.” Stay tuned. [Grub Street] Update: Polzine tells the Scoop that the inspiration for the menu will be “the Danube region, and its cities like Budapest, Vienna and Prague,” and she’s aiming for an early 2013 opening. Meanwhile, she’ll remain at Range. [Scoop]