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Asellina Gives Dad a Free Smoke; Boqueria Serves Specials for Euro Championships

The Anchor is kicking off the summer with a nautically themed cocktail program coupled with lobster rolls by Luke’s Lobster, and “vintage” coolers filled with summer beers and bottles of rum with an array of housemade “nautical” punches. [Grub Street]

Asellina Ristorante at the Gansevoort Park Hotel is hosting a Sunday Supper for Father's Day with a special cigar-roller cart available to give every father a complimentary hand-rolled cigar (and a Negroni!) with their meal. Priced at just $35 per person for a three-course meal. [Grub Street]

• Disneyland Paris is building a Ratatouille theme-park ride, probably with a restaurant attached, to open in 2014, with a working title of "Ratatouille: Kitchen Calamity." [Eater]

DAVIDsTEA’s has a new Gentleman’s Collection out for Father’s Day at both NYC locations and online. It features a cheeky mustache-patterned box with three with tins of Buttered Rum, Brazillionaire, and Salted Caramel. Dad can drink with his pinky in the air. [Grub Street]

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Drew Barrymore Serves Own Wine at Wedding, Still Not Confirming Pregnancy

There will probably be wine waiting for her in the delivery room too.

You may have heard that Drew Barrymore got hitched in the backyard of her home near Santa Barbara yesterday to boyfriend Will Koppelman. Guests included Reese Witherspoon, Steven Spielberg, and Jimmy Fallon, and all of them were treated to some of Barrymore's brand-new wines at the reception. Alas, Drew herself couldn't imbibe because she is, obviously, pregnant — she and Koppelman are even clutching her swollen belly together in the wedding photo on the cover of People — though she still refuses to admit it to the press. We bet she still had a sip or two. A glass is totally cool, right? [Yahoo, The Cut]

Lucky Cheng’s Finds Its New Home in Midtown West

Headed to 52nd Street.Photo: Younga Park

Bachelorettes and fans of inflatable genital-shaped novelties, rejoice! It appears Lucky Cheng's has settled on the new midtown digs we alluded to a few months back and will soon settle in at 240 West 52nd Street, most recently home to club Touch. Will finger food and "orgy bowl" cocktails make it to Lucky Cheng's midtown, along with the all the dangling paper lanterns and gauzy chic? Only time, and perhaps some beguiled tourists, will tell. The bar and restaurant's owner Hayne Suthon is hitting up the S.L.A. for two liquor licenses for the bilevel space, conveniently located just a few blocks from Le Bernardin. Escolar and a torch song, anyone?

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First Look at Hillside, Vinegar Hill’s 30-Seat Sister

A few days ago, we shared some exciting details about the highly anticipated Hillside, next door and closely related to Vinegar Hill House in, well, Vinegar Hill. The 30-seat wine bar and café — the breezy daytime hangout and evening waiting area for the restaurant — opened this week with cheese, charcuterie, East Coast oysters, and a fine, rotating wine list.

Hillside, 70 Hudson Ave., at Water St., Vinegar Hill; 718-522-7957

Watch a Russian Dude Take a Tank to White Castle’s Drive-Through

Last week, we noticed lots of cars crash through the walls and windows of fast-food restaurants. We prefer the smooth driving style of this total badass named FPSRussian, who when not selling T-shirts that read "Don't Be Beech, Be Russian," appears to spend most of his time blowing shit up, shooting things, and flying totally cool helicopters through his adopted state of Texas. In dude's latest video, he demonstrates just how easy the approach to a drive-through can be, taking a full-size, WWII-era tank through the suburbs just to score some White Castle belly-bombers. As the girl working the window aptly points out, "That's pretty awesome." Get some, straight ahead.

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The Vote Is Out on The Ron Paul Family Cookbook

Ron Paul would definitely be against the soda ban, but not so much his wife's "Easy Oreo Truffles." Here, the Wall Street Journal takes a closer look at The Ron Paul Family Cookbook, described by Mrs. Paul as "libertarian with a small l," and which is just as kooky, thrifty, and old-geezerly as one might think. [WSJ]

The Chinese Have Rectangular, Gum-Filled Oreos

Circular and cream-filled, the way they should be.

There is a Kraft Foods "biscuit research lab" in China, where all sorts of peculiar snack and dessert ideas are executed. At this Austin Powers–like megaplex, "half science lab, half kitchen," white-coated researchers concoct marvels like chicken feet with pickled chili and rectangular Oreos stuffed with chewing gum instead of cream. Spoiler alert: This cookie didn't make it past the testing phase. Yet.

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Around the World in 80 Plates Recap: David Rees on Italian Grandmothers

Cat Cora knew she'd be the next one called in this game of Red Rover.Photo: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

I must begin by thanking everyone who admitted to watching ATWI80P in last week’s comments. I’m happy to share my shame with you, as I believe all shame should be shared. Let us hold hands as we jump over the waterfall.

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After All That Drama, Chelsea Market Will Expand

Suck it, haters.

Have an extra, free Fat Witch sample today, because with all that ruckus, Community Board 4 has given its support for the Chelsea Market's expansion. Jamestown Properties will add 300,000 square feet to the gourmet institution, which, not that it matters, still pisses off many local people. [DNAinfo]

Screw Bocce, This Pub Has Basketball

Yesterday we told you where you could get sex with a slice, and today it's hoops with pub food. Forest Hills bar Cobblestones Pub, on Queens Boulevard, has put a basketball court in the back. Hard to score better than hoop dreams and a Heineken. [NYDN]

Jerry Seinfeld Not in Favor of Soda Ban, Prefers ‘Early Death’

Dreaming of real Coke and Orange Crush.

Last night at the 2012 Baby Buggy Bedtime Bash, Grub Street caught up with Jerry Seinfeld about all things quenching and cavity-begging. A big fan of "the real-sugar Coke" as a kid and the man who once said "Breaking up is like knocking over a Coke machine. You can't do it in one push," his soda nostalgia still lives somewhere deep inside, hopefully in a place he can floss. "I don't think I'm in favor," he told us in private, while nutritious wife Jessica Seinfeld strolled the red carpet. But wait. It's not just for the taste of it ...

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Luxury Seats Will Get Better Booze Service at New Nets Arena

Coming right along.

Hey, people who like basketball and getting drunk: Consider maybe not sitting in the cheap seats at the new Barclays Center. The Post has a devastating new story that says people sitting in luxury seats will be able to buy booze for a longer period of time than everyone else. Anyone who's ever been to a sporting even knows booze service usually gets cut off before any given game's final period, and it won't be any different at Barclays — for most people. (Hope the hoi polloi likes Brooklynized water!) Luxury seat holders "will get the added bonus of being served booze up to an hour after arena events end — or as late as 2 a.m." Also: There's at least one seating area called "The Vault," which will be full of Champagne. The cost for access is a mere $550,000 per year. Real ballers can afford it. [NYP]

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