New Report: Yogurt Gives Mice Big Balls, Lots of Swagger

Such a lustrous coat!
Such a lustrous coat!

Is your hair limp? Are your testicles small? Don’t despair! Yogurt might help. Researchers at MIT, following up on a Harvard study (that, it’s worth mentioning, was not funded by Dannon), wanted to figure out yogurt’s effects on obesity. Instead, they accidentally discovered that the stuff gave rodent subjects some serious swagger.

According to Scientific American, yogurt-fed mice became “incredibly shiny” and boasted “luxuriantly silky fur.” Not only that, but male mice also projected their testes outward, which “endowed them with a certain ‘mouse swagger.’” And, as you could probably guess, these mice were ready to get it on: Yogurt-eating males inseminated lady mice faster and produced more offspring than their counterparts.

So now you know what to eat before going on that big date.

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