What It’s Like to Date a Chef (Because You Know You Want To)

That toque would look better on my floor, baby.
That toque would look better on my floor, baby. Photo: Amazon

If tall white hats, muscular forearms, and a way with knives make you tingle, then you may be primed to date a chef. Over on HowAboutWe’s blog, one writer went so far as to marry one, and she reports back with the perks (we think they’re perks, anyway). Sure, eating well, visiting under-the-radar restaurants, and sporting an impressive food vocabulary sound great. But among the other benefits, going to sleep and to events alone, having friends treat you as a walking guidebook (not to mention calling you a chef-schtupper), and having date night only on Mondays sounds pretty dismal. If you’re going to try this at home, be sure to stock up on independence and patience, along with all the Pepto-Bismol. Readers in the field, does that sound about right? [Date Report/HowAboutWe]