There’s a ‘New’ Cut of Beef: the Vegas Strip Steak


Let’s put our hands together and offer a round of welcoming applause to the Vegas Strip steak, a “new” cut of beef which today joins the hallowed ranks of other such butchery innovations as the Delmonico, the Tomahawk, cube steak, minute steak, the Newport, the flat iron, and the Denver steak.

The 14-oz Vegas Strip, which evidently comes from a cow part that nobody will identify in a forthcoming way, is the grill-bound love child of a chef at David Burke’s Primehouse (of course) in Chicago* and a “value-added meat processing specialist.” Right now you’ll have to go to Vegas to get in on this meat happening, which is intellectual property and patent pending, unless of course someone else figures out how to carve up a cow in a similar fashion.

*This posted has been corrected to show that, despite its name, the cut didn’t debut in Las Vegas.

Steak Specialists Discover a New Cut of Beef [Gizmodo]