Brain Freeze at Think Tank?


Just last month, they were posting Facebook photos of their new Key Lime pie! But now Boston Restaurant Talk reports that Think Tank (in that oddly soulless One Kendall Square complex) is permanently out of gas, per a reliable source. No more pie.

Things got juicy last week when Eater Boston noted that the restaurant posted on FB that they were not closing, a rebuttal of a letter written by the restaurant’s manager (allegedly written, we should say), stating that the place would shut down due to a “hostile takeover.” Later, another manager said that the letter was written by a disgruntled former partner who was let go under shady circumstances.

Anyway, the restaurant now wears a sign saying “closed for repairs,” though it seems like the real damage has been done to TT’s business partnership.

Such drama! Such…thoughtless Facebook etiquette! On a happier note, at least One Kendall has West Bridge now!

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