The Avengers Has Been Really Good for Shawarma Sales

Shawarma saves the day
Shawarma saves the day Photo: Rain Rannu via Flickr

The benefits of product placement apparently know no bounds, as a quick mention of shawarma in The Avengers has pushed sales of the Middle Eastern meat-stuff into the stratosphere. [Spoiler Alert] In the clip, which is featured in the end credits of the superhero blockbuster, a bruised and battered Iron Man cheekily declares a desire for shawarma. Later, the film shows the actors in costume hanging out at a shawarma place and chowing down.

More priceless than watching Thor try to eat the dish without getting tahini in his golden locks, TMZ reports that the quick scene is boosting sales of shawarma by 80% at a spot called Ro Ro’s Chicken in Hollywood, a spike that has extended to a collection of L.A.-based Middle Eastern restaurants serving the dish. Apparently, a walk-on in a Marvel movie is all it takes to get Americans to eat something funny-sounding and foreign. You hear that, mì xào giòn? [TMZ]