Tequila and Ice Cream, United at Last

Casa Noble
Casa Noble Photo: Fatal.Heart via Flickr

In an effort to get its Cinco de Mayo game tight, L.A. Creamery is releasing a limited-edition collection of Mexican food-inspired ice cream. Flavors include chocolate-filled churro ice cream made with Strauss dairy and Tahitian vanilla, and a spicy watermelon sorbet that recalls a frutero’s plastic sack, down to the sprinkle of tajin powder and lime. The capper is a tequila ice cream made in conjunction with Casa Noble using the label’s single barrel-aged reposado. The three flavors were only made to fill 50 pints each, a selection of which are currently scattered among L.A. distributors and restaurants, including 800 Degrees, The Oaks Gourmet, Vicente Foods, Marix, and Farmshop.