Tartine Mocked In New Fake Ad on Muni

Do they even sell doughnuts?
Do they even sell doughnuts? Photo: via Muni Diaries

A guerrilla artist, or group of them, whom Muni Diaries has dubbed Muni Adbusters, appear to be on a campaign to put up some fake, printed ads aboard Muni busses and metro cars. So far we’ve seen documentation of two — the first being this ad (semi-NSFW) for, ahem, a new variety of Tums. Today, the culprits bring us an ad mocking San Francisco’s most beloved temple of bread and morning buns, Tartine. See the full size photo below.

The text: “Fartine Bakery & Café: Wait in line for five hours to buy a fucking donut.” Sorry for the blur — this is the best we’ve got.

Muni Adbusters Strike Again [Muni Diaries]