At Taco Bell, ‘Mixology’ Means a Horrific Breakfast Beverage

Don't cross the streams!
Don't cross the streams! Photo: Reddit/AllenJacoby

After pole-vaulting its public image with the introduction of co-branded Doritos tacos (that Cool Ranch–flavored shell was confirmed last week, by the way, along with the promise of “cookie sandwiches”), Taco Bell has outdone itself once again by rolling out a breakfast drink called MTN DEW A.M. in its Fresno and Southern California markets. Let’s face it, Fresno needed this. Photos of a drive-through card billing the “Mixology of Mtn Dew and OJ,” hit Reddit the other day, and have since ignited our imaginations and captured our immobilized hearts. Fox News, thanks be, got word from a company spokesperson that if MTN DEW A.M. does well, the company is threatening planning to “roll it out to all our restaurants that serve breakfast.” [Reddit, Earlier]