Expect Clover Machines and Champagne at NYC’s ‘Stealth’ Starbucks

Bonbons, but no branding, coming soon.

On Monday we broke the news that Starbucks will soon open its first non-branded, "stealth" location inside the Macy's flagship on 34th Street, and now the coffee company's spokesperson provides the Huffington Post with a few more details: Expect the so-called Herald Square Café to serve chocolate, wine, and Champagne, as well as coffee brewed in Clover machines with "exotic and rare" Starbucks Reserve beans. Spokesperson Zack Hutson emphasizes the new café will be a "unique experience," bereft of logos, and will march to its own little caffeinated drummer. Unlike the chain's two previous non-branded locations, customers will not even be greeted with an "inspired by Starbucks" message on its front door and coffee cups. Swanky, or covert? [HuffPo]

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