Silver Lake’s The Other Side and Flying Leap Cafe Closing to Become Hyperion Public

Closing on June 24
Closing on June 24 Photo: The Other Side

Last month, The Eastsider L.A. noted the long history and fading face of Silver Lake’s gaiety. Sadly, the blog is mourning another loss in a mounting crash of neighborhood gay bars, as news arrives that legendary haunt The Other Side is closing to become—ick!—a sport’s bar/gastropub called Hyperion Public.

Slated to close on June 24, along with its related neighbor, ten-year-old The Flying Leap Cafe, The Other Side is the subject of a 2006 documentary in which a regular reminisces that in its glory days, “it was a dry-fuck to get from the door to the bar.”

Not only is this a loss of a time-honored neighborhood watering hole with roots in the late-sixties, but it also spells the demise of one of the city’s oldest piano bars. [The Eastsider LA]