First Look at Silk Rd Tavern, Opening Tomorrow

Everything Eggroll. Photo: Melissa Hom

In ancient times, the Silk Road was the trade route between Europe and Asia — and when Silk Rd Tavern opens tomorrow in the Flatiron, it’ll be the means of bringing you such exotic specialties as “Everything Eggrolls,” featuring the whole duck, foie and all. You might also want to tuck into Singapore chile crab potpie; macaroni and cheese made with Korean rice cakes and cheddar; or maybe egg-topped barbecued short rib with Brussels sprouts. There’s also a fusion-y cocktail list, to be enjoyed at the 30-seat bar or in the 40 dining-room seats. See a slideshow straight ahead.

Silk Rd Tavern, 46 W. 22nd St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-989-7889