This ‘Sexiest Vegetarian’ Guy Is Actually Pretty Articulate

This man-candy is totally vegan.
This man-candy is totally vegan. Photo: PETA

Apologies for the stereotyping, but when somebody has abs like Zachary Koval, a Brooklyn-based actor and PETA’s “Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door,” we don’t really expect much from his brain. However, Brooklyn Paper interviewed the guy, and he sounds downright sharp (must be all the chlorophyll goes to one’s head). He succinctly parsed the vegan/vegetarian difference (veganism is a “lifestyle” that’s “holistic”) and talked up the cruelty-free options in Williamsburg, Fette Sau notwithstanding. Also, if you want to look like that, all you have to do is bike everywhere, work out for an hour four times a week, and throw in a couple of weekly running sessions. Oh, and presumably be a vegan. PETA, this campaign is definitely way better for your image than storming seafood restaurants. [Brooklyn Paper]