Searching for a New Hang in a Post-Elaine’s World

When you can't go home again.
When you can't go home again. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Peter Khoury files a yearning piece in the Times about his quest to find a new roost in the year since Elaine’s shuttered. “Like dozens of other people, I am part of the Elaine’s diaspora,” he writes. Trying out other restaurants and bars has been “a sort of speed dating.” And he’s been getting around, dropping into Donahue’s, Campagnola, Nicola’s, Sardi’s, “a hideaway bar in Midtown that shuns publicity and has a great Côtes du Rhône,” and finally settling on Neary’s as a sort of replacement. But it’s not the same. “After one year in the post-Elaine’s world, I can say that for me there is still no place that makes up for the loss of Elaine’s, and there might never be.” [NYT]