There᾿s a Run on Trader Joe’s Kosher Chocolate Chips

Little chips, big drama.
Little chips, big drama.Photo: Wikimedia

We didn’t know it, but Trader Joe’s pareve chocolate chips are quite the star of the Kosher baking world — and now they’re being discontinued. This is causing something of a frenzy, as the Jew & the Carrot writes. Customers are jostling for the last of the supply, with some people loading up on 30 bags at a time. An employee at the 72nd Street store told the blog that supplies sold out two days in a row before the grocer even opened, thanks to frantic customer phone calls. Now ten-bag limits have been put in place, but they’re not necessarily being enforced. Everyone breathe, and please stay better behaved than the people at that fried-chicken event at Extra Mooga — we’d hate to see any more fistfights this week. [Jew & the Carrot/Forward]