A Look at Roy Choi’s Brunch at Sunny Spot

Choi's salt cod brandade benedict at Sunny Spot

This Saturday, Roy Choi will kick-off brunch at Sunny Spot in a continued exploration of his fascination with Caribbean ingredients and punch-packing flavors. The menu allows Choi to express his freewill in dishes like an eggs benedict, reworked as two jiggly poached orbs ready to burst on top of crisp cakes of salt cod brandade instead of craggly old muffins, and play his Jamaican fetishes straight, as in a serving of tripe-topped oxtail stew and root-vegetables. Brunch should ideally start with the festival bread, a small cluster of zeppole-like fritters matched with three sinful spreads: a goat butter, guava jam, and a honey infused with pure flavor of rum. Then there’s the curious case of what we think are Fruity Pebbles in the chef’s creamy take on granola. Come take a look at the dishes we took in at a hosted friends and family sneak peak last weekend in our slide show look into brunch at Sunny Spot.