Iconic Donut Shop Missing Its Iconic Street Art

Randy's Photo: Playerx via Flickr

Randy’s Donuts, Inglewood’s iconic contribution to the city’s skyline, is missing a valuable art piece installed by French graffiti conceptualist Space Invader. LAist reports that the theft of the tile work piece, the artist’s signature ode to the eponymous 8-bit video game villain from the eighties, was apparently removed from under Randy’s giant donut sculpture, where Invader had placed it nearly ten years ago while storming the city. The store’s manager confirmed that the piece, which he’d helped to preserve over the years, had indeed been stolen, much like the artists’ work was last year in San Diego and recalling other stolen street valuables by the likes of Banksy, which have been hacked off of public walls. Here’s just hoping the crook doesn’t return with a giant truck in tow to try and sneak away with Randy’s massive donut. [LAist]