Defrauding! Disorderly Conduct! In Davis Square!


Sometimes this kind of thing happens in Davis, but usually on the sidewalk, and typically after midnight. Last weekend was different: At Orleans, a heated argument left an angry forty-something in handcuffs, cursing, shouting and claiming poverty, all in the blinding daylight.

Wicked Local reports that Daniel Wrobel refused to pay his bar tab ($58.85) because his brother made off with his cash. After his debit card was rejected and a manager asked him to find a way to pay up, the enraged Wrobel yelled: “I don’t know. I have no f—ing money. My brother took off with the money!”

Per the story, patrons began to back away from him in fear, and the police were summoned. He then unleashed his fury on officers and was hauled from the scene in cuffs, leaving Davis denizens to enjoy their Bloodies in peace (after doing the requisite wallet-check, of course). Note to brunchers: Always bring a back-up credit card. [WL]