Famous Teenybopper Twitter-Bashes Times Square Trattoria

But which one is he?
But which one is he? Photo: Larry Busacca/2012 Getty Images

In a moment of sensitive reflection, a member of the universe-conquering, prefabricated boy band One Direction tweeted about the bad service he received at Times Square restaurant Trattoria Trecolori. Twenty-year-old Louis Tomlinson tweeted “Just had the worst customer service at @trecolori47. :( Only went to take my grandad out for dinner :(” Sunday night to his, um, 3.5 million followers. Young Tomlinson’s girlfriend expounded on the mess, tweeting “we were told to ‘shut up and listen’ before deciding what we wanted to eat,” adding “we already knew what we wanted.” That’s so messed up. Anyway, the restaurant has been busy apologizing, again via Twitter, to random creepy accounts, and that’s what makes it beautiful. [Metro UK]