Obama Gets Tribute Combo at Roscoe’s

Herb's Special is safe...for now
Herb's Special is safe...for now Photo: AngryJulieMonday via Flickr

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles has wisely changed the name of its “Country Boy Special” to “Obama’s Special” to commemorate POTUS’ visit last fall. Obviously, this isn’t the restaurant calling Obama a hayseed, so much as a way to sell more of the combo, which puts three wings on a plate for nearly nine dollars. According to TMZ, Roscoe’s once demurred from naming the special after our president as Reagan and Nixon also came by the soul food restaurant in their day, but hardly deserve any honorifics here. Meanwhile, NBA player Brandon Jennings just got his hopes way up that his Roscoe’s ink is soon to be rewarded. [TMZ]