Niki Nakayama Taking On Six Courses of Foie Gras

NakayamaPhoto: N/Naka

By the time foie gras finally gets banned in July, we have a feeling you may be completely over the delicacy, as more and more restaurants look like they’re jumping on the foie gras tasting menu train before it leaves the station. While Downtown’s Takami Sushi tells us it has designs for a foie-pairing series of its own in June, we’re more excited to hear that kaiseki-virtuoso Niki Nakayama has a foie dinner also planned at N/Naka in Palms. Over the full month of June, the chef will showcase several Japanese methods of working with the stuff in a special six-course foie gras kaiseki dinner, priced at $180. Expect recipes using the liver with miso, dashi, unagi, and cod, and possibly even in some form of foie gras sushi. Reservations at 310-836-6252 and online.