Nguyen Tran: ‘Everything I Learned in Life I Learned by F–king It Up!’

Nguyen Tran
Nguyen Tran Photo: Creative Mornings

Tomorrow morning, Starry Kitchen collaborator Nguyen Tran will give the very first restaurateur’s lecture as part of the Creative Mornings breakfast series, offering free doughnuts and coffee to early risers, along with a person of interest, at Downtown’s DKNG Studios. Tran tell us the unofficial name of his talk will be “Everything I learned in life I learned by fucking (SH)IT up!,” and insists, “no joke, that what I’m calling it.” Well, take that, Robert Fulghum!

Tran will focus on the beginnings of the underground restaurant he started with his wife that overtook Yelp’s best restaurant ratings, but will probably sidetrack pretty quickly into some fairly classic rants about things that make him manic, heavy on the F-bombs and possibly in a banana costume. Then again, we’ve never seen the man before noon, so who knows what could happen? The talk starts tomorrow at 8:30 A.M. and is free for all who register online.