Food Snobs to Overrun the City This Summer

It's been a while since we ran this guy.
It's been a while since we ran this guy. Photo: iStockphoto

If you thought the GoogaMooga would be this year’s apex of food-snob insufferability, think again. At least, that’s the message the Times relayed in a story this past weekend. “[M]uch of the [city’s] food-snob energy will percolate in … street markets and concert festivals, food courts and food truck feedlots, underground events and barter gatherings.” For anyone who follows food, the story really doesn’t offer much in the way of new info: There are a ton of small businesses popping up, mostly in Brooklyn. Food festivals are everywhere. And people really like to champion obscure start-ups. What is notable is that within the piece, the current food movement is compared to the fashion world (“grilled cheese is the new black”), indie record shops, and New York’s art scene in the eighties. Food! So hip right now! [NYT]