First Look at Mission Chinese, Now Spicing Up the Lower East Side

It's not really just a takeout shop. Photo: Melissa Hom

Mission Chinese bowed last night in the former Rhong Tiam space, and a walk-by revealed that, not surprisingly, the place was hopping. Not only does the spot have a cool hidden feel (check out our slideshow for photos of the takeout-shop entrance with dining room in back, down a long hall), but the fiery-tingly menu hits notes New Yorkers love. That classic, Chonqing chicken, is served here as wings, with nuggets of fried tripe accompanying; spring peas are stir-fried with chile and the surprise addition of pickled ramps; and red-oil dumplings are filled with lamb rather than beef or pork. But don’t take our word for it — scope the menu and pics below.


Mission Chinese Food, 154 Orchard St., nr. Rivington St.

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