Bauer Gives Maven Three Stars, Calls It ‘Pleasant and Balanced’


As predicted, Michael Bauer’s review of Maven in the Lower Haight is pretty much a rave, awarding them the highest marks they could hope for given the type of casual restaurant it is: three stars. He compliments the service as “informed” and “enthusiastic,” and calls out the place for being a shining example of “how the bar/dining concept has evolved in the past few years, becoming more defined and sophisticated.” He likes the tight menu and beverage-pairings concept, and especially loves the Chinatown duck sliders, the broccoli agnolotti, and the Thai-inflected Monterey calamari. Overall, he says that chef-owner David Kurtz’s food is “innovative and refined,” and that Maven “offers an experience that’s as pleasant and balanced as the cocktails.” The team should be pleased, and the Pacific Heights/Peninsula set is probably already making their reservations. [Chron, Earlier slideshow]