Doritos Versus Drugs: Literal War on Snack Food Erupts in Mexico

Temperature-hot, not spice-hot.
Temperature-hot, not spice-hot. Photo: Marek Brzezinski

A drug cartel firebombed a snack-food company’s warehouses and parking lots in the Mexican states Guanajuato and Michoacán over the course of the weekend. The manufacturer Sabritas is owned by PepsiCo; dozens of delivery trucks were destroyed in the attacks, said to be the “first time a multinational firm has been targeted in long-running drug wars.” Members of the Knights Templar cartel have been arrested and while the Daily Mail reports the attacks resulted from extortion attempts, ABC reports that widely circulated e-mails suggest the drug cartel believed that the trucks — used to deliver Fritos, Doritos, and Cheetos — were also used to spy on their activities. Chester Cheetah was always a bit shady, but we never pegged him for a narc. [DailyMail UK, ABC]