Flay Says Mesa Grill Might Not Be Moving After All

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images Photo: Eugene Gologursky

Earlier today the eagle eyes at Zagat noticed a real estate listing Bobby Flay’s Flatiron Mesa Grill space. Flay just called us to clarify the situation: “We’re renegoiating the lease,” Flay says. “We’ve been there for 21 years and had a bunch of leases … We hope to stay there.” He says the listing is just the landlord testing the market: “It’s their prerogative.” As for the rumors that a move to midtown is in the cards, Flay says “it’s possible, but we don’t have a space.” Whatever happens, he says, Mesa Grill will live on in New York in one form or another.

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