Meme Flavored Ice Cream


The latest review in The Boston Phoenix’s Cheap Eats series is Toscanini’s in Central Square, home to quirky flavors like Goat Cheese Brownie and Earl Grey. Also, I should add, home to possibly the best ice cream in the world. The ice cream shop debuted a new flavor for Cambridge’s ROFLcon: the popular meme, the Nyan Cat.

What does nyan cat taste like? The Phoenix writes that the final winning flavor is “a combination of creamy coconut sorbet, studded with chunks of cherry-flavored Pop-Tarts and…muhkwas — the candy-coated fennel seeds found in some Indian restaurants.” Sounds ridiculously delicious. If the flavors sells during the conference, they might even keep it forever.

On the Cheap: Nyan Cat Ice Cream from Toscanini’s [The Phoenix]