Meet the ‘Drag Queen of Healthy Cooking’

Carrots, eggs, bread... and a wig.
Carrots, eggs, bread... and a wig. Photo: Chris Sadowski/iStock

Jaime Montalvo Jr., a mild-mannered Time Warner Cable employee, finds that the best way to teach people about healthy Latino cooking is to don a wig and heels. The Jackson Heights resident hosts a cooking show as female alter ego Soraya Sobreidad, whom he dubs “the Drag Queen of Healthy Cooking.” Now Montalvo/Sobreidad has a chance at a $10K prize at tonight’s Queens Taste event, which the cook says he would use to further his cause for spreading low-fat, fiber-rich Puerto Rican grub — if you need proof it works, just check out his gams. Come to think of it, Queens Taste seems like a pretty apt name. Can somebody please get this dude a show on Bravo? [NYDN]