Luke Wilson Spotted at Delfina; Ashton Kutcher Drinks at Rye

Mr. Wilson
Mr. Wilson Photo: Getty Images

The slower-talking, more stonerish of the Wilson brothers, Luke Wilson, was spied dining with an allegedly “lovely” but unidentified woman at Delfina last Thursday. No word on what the Enlightened star may have been doing in town. [Tablehopper]

Ashton Kutcher got a little bit hounded by female fans at Rye last Friday. He was there having a quiet time with a friend/colleague (Kutcher’s tech investments, or something, seem to keep him coming back to town repeatedly) over a bottle of Cotes du Rhone, but he did agree to a few photos. [Tablehopper]

Also, over in Berkeley, Mikhail Baryshnikov has been at Berkeley Rep doing a limited engagement of the show In Paris, which ends next week, and he’s been a consistent fan of Gather. Apparently he’s been in there multiple times already. [Tablehopper]