L.A.’s Plastic Bags To Be Blown Away

Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories Photo: Jericl Cat via Flickr

Last night, the L.A. City Council voted 13-to-1 to do away with single-use plastic bags at the checkouts in the county’s shops and grocery stores, despite aggro last-minute protests from the plastics industry. The vote does not extend to plastic bags used for supermarket produce and, in addition to giving stores six-to-twelve months to comply, will charge everyone ten cents for every paper bag they use (wait, what?!).

While Paul Koretz, the Council’s member who’s most-likely-to-cold-cock-somebody member, thinks the ban will be visible in about ten months, the ban will need a four-month “environmental review” and final approval from Antonio “Bagman” Villaraigosa before we officially become the biggest city turning its back on the plastic bag. [LBPT]