Does Boston Need to Loosen Up?

Party time!
Party time! Photo: iStockphoto

The first sign that your city might be uptight: It hosts a forum to discuss how to be less uptight. Loosen Up, Boston? happens on Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Boston Public Library, per a release from the city. At the forum, civic leaders and industry heavyweights will talk about how to make Boston a little more hospitable to things like nightlife.

From the release: “Risque movies are no longer banned in Boston but proposals for new buildings, liquor licenses, and late operating hours often meet with great skepticism in many neighborhoods. To outsiders, and many local business owners and developers, efforts to protect neighborhoods come across as NIMBYism, nannyism, and resistance to a more active nightlife. How can we work together to find the right balance between maintaining Boston’s character and needs of local residents while enhancing urban vitality and giving new night life venues a chance to take root?”

The forum is part of Building a Better Commonwealth, an initiative from the Boston Globe designed to unite experts and innovators. Want bars to stay open later? Go to the library! [CBS Local]