Not So Bad After All? Khloé Kardashian Reportedly Kordial and Konsiderate at Restaurants

The Texans just love her!
The Texans just love her!

We are bringing you this news despite a few misgivings: Tabloid rumors have swirled that Khloé Kardashian isn’t really part of the krew at all. And the real proof could have nothing to do with science. A couple new reports say she’s nice to the little people, specifically waiters! Who can forget slimy Scott Disick (now a restaurateur!) stuffing dollar bills into the mouth of a hapless waiter in Vegas? Or Kim Kardashian’s Twitter rant about restaurant breast-feeders? Or her $20,000 wedding cake? But Khloé, you see … is different.

She’s ultra down-to-earth, say waiters paid by E! to say so in her temporary hometown of Dallas. At Palomino, she was “glamorous” and “tipped great.” (That last one’s always a good PR move.) At Coal Vines, she was “extremely pleasant.” She even mingled with the hoi polloi at the Medieval Times, leading one smitten knight-for-hire to dub her his “lady.” And another local waiter, who fetched her specially requested Parmesan risotto and ketchup, said she was a huge tipper who graciously accepted an order of free calamari.

Should it come to light that she’s really not a Kardashian, and if she’s exiled from the klub, maybe Scott Disick could hire her as a hostess when he launches his restaurant empire?

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Not So Bad After All? Khloé Kardashian Reportedly Kordial and Konsiderate