Baco Mercat Chef To Reinterpret Mexican Food and Family Recipes at Bar Amá

Centeno Photo: Baco Mercat

Josef Centeno, the former opening chef at Lazy Ox who now runs his own Baco Mercat, is working on a second project in Downtown. According to L.A. Downtown News, Centano is taking over Urban Noodle and an adjacent space on Fourth Street to open the sizable Bar Amá. Squid Ink reports that the multifaceted chef of a zillion international influences will look back to his Texican roots for Amá, presenting the temptation of reinterpreted family recipes (menudo and enchiladas included), grilled meats, and ceviche from a stellar chef whose Asian-influenced version of pozole includes noodles and fried egg. Centeno intends for the project to honor the women in his family and will supply guests with a bar focused on mescal, tequila, and Mexican beers, which we’re hoping includes the country’s rare independent brews and not the same old wares from Modelo Group. And just when we thought nothing could excite us as much as the promise of Connie & Ted’s!

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