John McDonald and Josh Pickard Opening West Village Mexican Restaurant This Summer

McDonald. Photo: Melissa Hom

John McDonald and Josh Pickard are about to sign a lease on the space at 257 Sixth Avenue. You’ll recall the space formerly housed Scuderia, the Italian restaurant owned by Silvano Marchetto and his daughter Leyla. The new, as-yet-unnamed spot from McDonald and Pickard will be a 90-seat Mexican place with a guacamole bar and 40 outdoor café seats. Like their restaurant B&B; on Houston Street (and the Dutch Miami, in which Pickard is a partner) the new spot will be designed by Meyer Davis, and McDonald says the space will be “heavy wood, brick and tile, mostly vintage fixtures.” The team says they’re aiming for a late-August opening, but how does McDonald, owner of Lure, B&B;, and MercBar, feel about opening a spot outside of Soho? “While it’s not immediately on Mercer Street, it’s close enough,” he says.