Jeremy Fox Settles in Los Feliz, Has New Line of ‘Fine Foods’

Jeremy Fox
Jeremy Fox

Former Ubuntu chef Jeremy Fox has officially ditched San Francisco for the Southland, as he confirms with Squid Ink that he became a resident of Los Feliz at the end of 2012, following his summer swan song at Oakland’s Plum and prior to the opening of Freddy Smalls Bar & Kitchen where the chef consulted on menus. The chef explains his embrace of The City of Angels, “I’ve spent a lot of time in L.A. in past couple years and the more I was here the more it reminded me of Atlanta, where I grew up, in terms of the sprawling communities and the different personalities intermixing. There’s more freedom to be yourself.” So, how will the chef choose to express this new-found freedom?

Fox, who’s been roving for nearly two years now, turns down the idea of doing anymore pop-ups like the one he juggled at Animal or back in NorCal. Currently, he’s consulting on menus for Paper or Plastick and has a line of lavender-tinged Marcona almonds under the brand Fox Fine Foods going for sale at Cube, while he continues searching for L.A. restaurant space. The Michelin-starred chef pictures setting up in “a pre-fab restaurant,” possibly inspired by his recent obsession with modern furniture and L.A.’s Eames House.

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