Jay Rayner Victim of Dangerous-Sounding Identity Theft

Problems across the pond.

Problems across the pond.

Wow ... food critics tend to have many enemies and frenemies, but this scary plot line sounds like it's straight out of Law & Order: London Gourmands. Jay Raynor just ran a succession of tweets, which, strung together, read as: "Pls follow the next few tweets. Someone is impersonating me on facebook using an image of me with a blade in front of my face as profile pic As far as I can tell from the information I ahve been given they are cliaming to represnet the bbc, getting them to sign release forms [sic]. .. luring them to locations for a shoot to which no one else has turned up. Am investigating but if anybody knows anything about this please ...... email me on jay dot rayner @ observer dot co dot uk" Best of luck sorting out this bloody mess and hope no one gets hurt. [Jay Rayner/Twitter]


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