What You Missed at GoogaMooga

Lobster rolls make everything better.

We’d love to tell you that this past weekend’s GoogaMooga went off without a hitch — our mother ship, New York Magazine, was a sponsor, after all. But anyone who went, or checked out Twitter, knows that the festival had its share of hiccups. Long lines, short food supplies, and even one noteworthy fried-chicken fistfight combined to give festivalgoers plenty to gripe about. Festival co-founder Rick Farman: “Of course, we know there were problems and we have apologized to any frustrated festival goers. We’ll improve. First year, always a lot to learn.” And to be fair, Sunday went a lot more smoothly than Saturday. But with all that said, the ambitious-if-flawed festival did have its share of bright spots and great food (when you could find them). So, in that spirit of positive thinking, we’ve rounded up plenty of moments from both days, which you can check out straight ahead, without the potential threat of water shortages and swinging fists.

Update: Superfly, the group behind the festival, will issue refunds to everyone who bought ExtraMooga tickets.