Mad Men-Style Tavern, With Downtown’s Largest Patio, Slated for Faneuil Hall


Grub Street hears that the folks behind the forthcoming Grain Exchange (who also own Clery’s) will open a “Mad Men”-style tavern in Faneuil Hall. Not sure quite what that means, exactly, though we’re imagining lots of free-flowing hard alcohol, dapperly dressed businessmen on the prowl, and perhaps post-acid-trip Roger Sterlings/tourists staggering about in Hawaiian shirts.

The venue is slated to open in mid-July at 60 State Street; Grub Street hears that it will have a 150-person patio and a 120 seats inside. The Grain Exchange, meanwhile, will hopefully open within the next four or so weeks, with a focus on charcuterie, oyster bar offerings, and flat breads. It’ll be at 170 Milk Street. This one will be less Don Draper and more “casual upscale.” Like Trudy in her housecoat?

Stay tuned for more.