Screw Super-Sizing, FukuBurger Lets You ‘SumoSize’ It

A "Sumo Size" Fuku burger next to a normal sized-Fuku burger
A "Sumo Size" Fuku burger next to a normal sized-Fuku burger Photo: Fuku Burger

Normally, we abhor the gross deposits of food waste and health issues set off by restaurants looking to expand their profits by making disgustingly giant products and challenging you to finish it, but this is still something to behold. To celebrate what is apparently “National Hamburger Month,” Hollywood’s FukuBurger is offering a $40, two-and-a-half pound version of any of its burgers through the month of May to anyone asking their server to “Sumo size it.” Why, oh why, would you ever want to to do this?

As is usually the case with these monstrosities, you’ll then be allowed 20 minutes to try and cram the whole thing into your face-hole, all for a chance to win a T-shirt and your money back. And since that’s a pretty cruddy consolation prize for whatever kind of colon-damage you’ll sustain from eating over two pounds of beef, you’ll also be entered to win the last thing someone who just ate a monster Fuku Burger would probably ever want: a lifetime of free Fuku burgers!