Listen: Times Scribe Versus Gawker Writer on This Whole ‘Food Is the New Rock’ Debate

GoogaMooga is a battlefield.
GoogaMooga is a battlefield. Photo: Nicole Franzen

A quick refresher: In the run-up to this past weekend’s Great GoogaMooga, the Times ran a piece by Jeff Gordinier about food being the new rock (perhaps you’ve heard this analogy before?). Soon after, Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan dropped an F-bomb-laden salvo in response. And yesterday, both writers were on WNYC’s “Soundcheck” to debate the issue mano a mano. Gordinier argues that chefs are like bands with traditionally divided fan bases: “Are you for David Chang or are you for Dan Barber? Where do you stand?” He adds that he hears these questions “all the time … it’s actually a very potent argument right now.” Nolan goes for the ontological jugular: “Can you have a really hardcore music festival while everybody is eating lobster rolls? It’s kind of a philosophical question.” For your delectation, the whole show is available for your listening pleasure, right this way …

Smackdown: Is Food the New Rebel Rock? [Soundcheck/WNYC]
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