Fatburger Gets Boozy at The First Fat Bar

Fatburger's newly revealed Strip outlet
Fatburger's newly revealed Strip outlet Photo: Fatburger

Like some kind of fast food version of Leaving Las Vegas, Fatburger’s Sin City flagship has taken to drinking. The 24-hour Vegas Strip location was renovated earlier this month into a 3,000-square-foot, full-service location of the chain, now grand-open with a new experiment called The Fat Bar, because let’s face it, unless you have a slot machine, deafening dance music, or booze at your Vegas joint, no one’s going to come.

Fat Bar, which probably won’t arrive in L.A. (ever), features frozen drinks, draft beer, and ho-hum cocktails with a street-view patio giving glimpses of all the other inebriates stumbling past. The bar is one of The Strip’s few freestanding watering holes and serves Fatburger’s food along with the tipple, 24-dangerous-hours-a-day. The new concept certainly gives Fatburger an edge on McDonald’s and understandably, if we’d been living in In-N-Out’s shadow for 60 years, we’d take solace in the bottle ourselves.