Donatella, Mommy Blogger

Hello, hot mom.
Hello, hot mom. Photo: Courtesy Mia Dona

Donatella Arpaia takes to HuffPo to write about being “the 40-Year-Old Mom.” Each Mother’s Day, she says, “As much as I loved being the cool celebrity aunt, what I really wanted was the title we were celebrating that day.” She only felt ready for a family in the past few years, “having gone through the high highs and extreme lows of a career in a male-dominated industry.” She claims Mommy Donatella is a different person than the glamorous one known for nurturing a Prada habit: “while I still like to put on heels, I don’t panic if someone sees me without mascara.” You go, Donatella, and if you need somewhere to celebrate Mother’s Day … [HuffPo]