What Went Down at Chef’s Night Out

Babytalk with Curtis Stone.
Babytalk with Curtis Stone. Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Last night, the popular personalities of the food universe gathered at Chelsea Market for their annual, pre-JBFA Chef’s Night Out. Considering the crowd, it could have been a rip-roaring rager. But damn, is debauchery dead? Seamus Mullen reminds us that he only gets wasted “once or twice a year,” and Curtis Stone is all about the babies, not babes. “Life is so much better,” he gushes to Grub about having a son. “Everything feels sunnier.” At least Andrew Zimmern had some fire in his eyes …

During the party, Zimmern told Grub that he has some old, unresolved beef with Tyler Florence, stewing from long before the Twitter era. “I booked Ty-Flo to go on my radio show that I had before I became famous … and he canceled on several occasions … I gave him shit about it on the air. It got back to me that he’s STILL annoyed at me about it all these years later.” What would Zimmern like to say to him? “Tyler Florence, come back home, all is forgiven. You’re a good kisser but you’ve got busy hands.”