Burgers (and Bellies) Have Tripled in Size Since the Fifties

Titled "The New (Ab)Normal"
Titled "The New (Ab)Normal" Photo: CDC

The Centers for Disease Control is really getting radical on the issue of America’s bloated belt-line. It’s just released this new (and scientifically very accurate) graphic that’s easier to comprehend than the buttons on a McDonald’s cash register. The infographic clearly illustrates two things: the spiking size of fast food burgers and sodas, and the growing size of our citizens, as portrayed by that same family making that perpetual run from the border. Basically, the latest in “we’re all really fat” news boils down to this: Our burgers and fries have tripled in size since the fifties (um, what’s the problem?) and so have our bellies (oh, right). Scarier still, New York Daily News relays the scoop that soda serving sizes have gone from 7-ounces to 42-ounces in the same period. (Big) gulp! [ NYDN]