Casa B Launches Late-Night Menu This Weekend

Casa B: A swanky place for a late date.
Casa B: A swanky place for a late date. Photo: Casa B/FB

As if we needed further convincing that Union Square is the best place to eat, today Grub hears that pinchos parlor Casa B will launch a late-night menu starting this Friday evening. The menu is available in their sultry upstairs tapas lounge on Friday and Saturday nights from 11 p.m. ‘til 1 a.m. Thank you, Casa B, for stepping in to save us from a misguided midnight burrito!

On the menu: tabla de ceviches (assortment of three ceviches), tortilla de maduros (sweet plantain omelet), and buñuelos (colombian cheese fritters with roasted pepper aioli). They’ll also serve drinks from their regular wine, beer, and sangria list. Now we know where we’ll go after one too many beverages at Backbar.

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