A Youthful, Still Litigation-Prone Carmen Trutanich Once Sued Von’s

Ride on 'em, Nuch!
Ride on 'em, Nuch! Photo: JMR Photography via Flickr

L.A. Weekly offers a few gem from a 100-page report spilling skeletons out of the closet of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich (the dude that’s trying to take away L.A.’s weed). The revelations show that, even as a youth, “Nuch” was just as quick to sue a mufugga as he is today. When Trutanich was just 24, he reportedly filed a lawsuit against a San Pedro Vons for $100,000 in damages after he slipped on the store’s floor, a matter that may have been settled out of court. No word on whether it was the politician’s very first lawsuit in life, but until someone sheds light on the time he chased on ambulance on his Big Wheel, it just may remain his cutest. [LAW]