Huge Beef Producers Would Like You to Reconsider Your Feelings on Pink Slime

It just looks so tasty!
It just looks so tasty! Photo: Francois Nascimbeni/Getty Images

Summer grilling season is here, but demand for ground beef is down, according to a report in USA Today. It’s because of that whole pink-slime thing! Consumers are moving away from pre-ground beef produced by huge companies like Cargill in favor of beef that’s ground at butcher shops and in-store. (Lots of people are choosing ground bison, too.) That’s a good thing! Unless of course you work at Cargill, which according to the story “saw 80% of its customers for finely textured beef [the industry term for pink slime] disappear after the controversy erupted in March.” Pink slime isn’t that bad, they say. In fact, according to Cargill spokesman Mike Martin, “There’s no legitimate reason why it shouldn’t be part of ground beef.” The emphasis there is ours, because, dude, really? [USAT]