Cambridge Brewing Company Advances in Best Brewpub Contest

Photo: Courtesy of Cambridge Brewing Company
Photo: Courtesy of Cambridge Brewing Company

As we mentioned on Monday, CHOW is hosting the Best Brewpub in America Contest with local Cambridge Brewing Company still in the running. CBC just advanced to the semi-finals. The contest began with 16 brewpubs across America. To get there, the chosen brewpubs had to brew their own beer at the pub and serve quality food while being well known in their respective cities.

CBC beat out Brookline’s Publick House in the the first round. In the second, they bested Wrecking Jar in Atlanta. The littlest brewpub that could is now facing Revolution Brewing of Chicago. The final battle royale of hipness if CBC advances will be either against North by Northwest in Austin or Cascade Brewing Company in Portland.

Voting continues until May 8th for the current round. The final battle is set for May 8th through 15th.